5 Pictures Entertainment is a film production and financing company, looking for and serving independent film producers around the world who are seeking to finance their intuitive gems. Our ultimate clients are the average kids and young adults who love to go to the movie theater with their friends in order to escape their ordinary lives and vicariously transport themselves into another reality for an hour and a half.

5 Pictures Entertainment's unique positioning and experience will assure the production of well crafted successful motion pictures. In 5 years we expect to be supporting 5 pictures per year. It is hard to estimate what an American art form like film will return to its investors; first and foremost, the investor must have a love of the art form and want it to thrive. Second, if you look at other investors in the entertainment industry you see some very successful outcomes such as Paul Allen’s investment into DreamWorks which required a line of credit of 2 Billion dollars, or Billionaire Arnon Milchan and his numerous successes with L.A. Confidential, Pretty Woman, JFK, Brazil, Natural Born Killers, The Mambo Kings and The War of the Roses to mention a few.